FLE Series LED Flood lights
1) Our Panel FLM series LED Flood light adopts die-casting aluminum ADC12 with patent appearance design. It has perfect heat dissipation function and excellent appearance design.
2) We have mature processing technology of LED light fixtures. Make sure FLM series LED Flood lights high quality and long time service, its Anti-salt treatment makes sure it can use at severe environment.
3) This LED Flood adopt Philips LED Chip, Chips lumen is more than 150lm/W. and make sure the flood lumen more than 100lm/W.
4) FLM LED Flood lights Driver adopted top Brand driver. high PF, high efficiency and long service time.
5) New Designed led flood lights have 30/60/ 85*135°beam angle, it can meet different area lighting.
6) PANEL High bay can make dimmable and non-dimmable
7) Our LED Flood light has a warranty for 5 years. This can help you win more clients and market.
8) DIALUX simulation is available.

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