FLC Series

Why Our FLC Series LED Flood lights?

1) Our FLC series LED Flood light adopts the 4rd generation LED Flood light heatsink, Ultral slim sleek design, stylish and classic.
2) LED Flood light reflector and heatsink integrated, Pure aluminum structure for heat dissipation.
3) We have mature processing technology of LED light fixtures. Make sure all our LED lights high quality and long time service.
4) Professional optical design, lumen efficiency can be increased by 50%, More than 115lm/w.
5) Super long warranty for 5 years.

This FLC series LED Flood light is Widely used in shopping mall, exhinition hall, parking lot, playground, gymnasium, billboards, park, sculpture, Boat, national green lighting project, building facade and public correidor, Stair corridor and other indoor and outdoor lighting.

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